Carefree Toland Pools, Inc. 
Builders and Designers Since 1975
License # 334958 C-53


"Many many thanks for your smooth and efficient work over the last few months putting in our pool. We're thrilled! And you made it a pleasant experience all the way through, from start to finish."

"Everything is great with my pool.  Carefree Toland was great.  Everyone was very helpful and accommodating to my needs.  I love my in floor cleaning system also.  I defiantly will refer Carefree Toland Pools. "
- David and Kirsten Barich

"Everything is good with our pool.  We love it.  Everything was easy and went quickly with the construction.  I am very pleased with Carefree Tolands work.  I will and have referred Carefree Toland Pools. "
-Sam Baugh

"Thank you so much for our great new pool!  Thanks for putting up with all the ignorant alls and whining and endless “trench hold-ups”.  Thanks for always listening and redrawing (poor Ralph) and walking us through the whole process (thanks Pam!).  We’re you’re #1 fans and hope you’ll use our pool to show other your quality work ~ we’ll hide Dennis’ water cannon!  Thanks again!  "
-Julie Bertoli

"Everything was great!"
-Frank Fiorina

"I had Carefree Toland Pools install a pool in my yard this spring and I have been extremely pleased with the workmanship, design and appearance of my new pool. I was kept informed of the construction schedule on a regular basis, and if I had questions my phone calls were returned immediately. If I had a concern it was treated with sincerity and always dealt with a timely fashion. The construction was a superior quality (I have friends who have a 15 year old Toland Pool and have never been anything but pleased). I strongly recommend that anyone interested in purchasing a pool talk to Carefree Toland Pools. They stand behind their guarantee, their workmanship, and have pride in their product. Purchasing a pool was a very big and scary step for me but they helped me through every step of the way. "
-Anne Fowler


"Everything is great with our pool. Our in floor cleaning system does an excellent job. Carefree Toland is an excellent company that does a top quality job and I would use them again. I definitely will refer Carefree Toland Pools."
-Ray and Tammy Glenn

"Milt and I couldn't be happier with our new swimming pool! From beginning to end, the entire process of building a swimming pool with you was effortless. From design through final inspection it was obvious to us that careful thought, planning and organization were predominant. Your competent staff and crews are to be commended for a job well done. The greatest compliment you could receive is for a customer to recommend you to others. We are happy to do so!"
-Milt and Sue Grissom

"The pool looks great.  Carefree Toland Pools has been good to us.  We have not been here during the process of our pool but we are happy with the looks of the pool.  Mark Leon was also excellent to work with and we appreciate that.  Thank you.  We will refer Carefree Toland Pools."
-Simon and Deanne Gutierrez

"Overall everything has been good. I was very happy when I needed to talk to someone in the office they were there. It was nice not to get a machine. The girls in the office were very nice. The folks at Carefree Toland Pools were very good. Gary Toland was involved with our pool a couple of times which I really appreciated. We will refer Carefree Toland Pools."

-Rick Ingrassia

"I will refer Carefree Toland Pools to friends and family."
-Scott Koller

"Jake Toland really knows his business and he's quite helpful. The automatic swimming pool cover is a great product. Coverstars Comp. is thoroughly professional, helpful and friendly people. I think Jake Toland is a good superintendent. Gary Toland has been superb in taking care of everything and taking care of it promptly. He has been terrific, honest and caring. I have never felt that I was "merely a customer", but that Gary, Jake & Karan were as concerned about my pool as if it was their own at their own house. I've shown my pool to many families and have recommended Carefree Toland Pools. I recommend Carefree Toland Pools quite highly. Gary Toland has concern about how his pools go and has great commitment in doing things right, just as his father Joe did before him. I have and will refer Carefree Toland Pools."
-Sam Maio

"Thanks Gary, looking forward to having the pool, patio, and all done, greatly appreciate the commitment your team has had on the project, they've done a great job!!! Thanks!"
-Rand Morimoto

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