Carefree Toland Pools, Inc. 
Builders and Designers Since 1975
License # 334958 C-53

About Us
Carefree Toland Pools, Inc. is a family owned and operated business which began building pools in Pleasanton, CA in 1975 when Joe O. Toland moved here from Arizona.

Joe had been in the swimming pool sales and construction business since the 1960's. Sensing that Northern California would be a great place for him and his family to put down their roots, he secured a State License and began knocking on doors in these great and growing cities. In the first year, the family built sixteen swimming pools and the business was off and running.

Mr. Toland knew that providing a place where families could play and stay at home, and where homes would be beautified, was a very satisfying and profitable way to care for his family. At one time, all six of his children and his wife, contributed their time and knowledge to make sure that all of his pool buyers were happy and recommending the business to their friends.

Carefree Toland Pools grew quickly into one of the largest and most respected builders in this area. Happy customers recommended Joe to so many of their neighbors that at one time, he built twelve individual swimming pools on one street with only twenty-one homes.

Gary, Joe's oldest, and his wife Karan now own and operate Carefree Toland Pools. They continue with the tradition of customer satisfaction, maintaining the integrity of the company slogan: "Our Customers Recommend Us".  A third generation, Joshua and Jacob Toland are now very involved in the company business, running construction, remodel and sales.

Give us an opportunity to show you how you and your family can enjoy being a part of the Carefree Toland Pools experience. 

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